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Darwins Evolutietheorie




A free journal issue on experimental evolution

Biology Letters is offering free access to   :  its latest issue on “experimental evolution,” <(klik)

an issue edited by Thomas Batailon, Paul Joyce, and my friend Paul Sniegowski.


Feature Articles

Introduction – As it happens: current directions in experimental evolution
by Thomas Bataillon, Paul Joyce and Paul Sniegowski

Temperature, stress and spontaneous mutation in Caenorhabditis briggsae and Caenorhabditis elegans
by Chikako Matsuba, Dejerianne G. Ostrow, Matthew P. Salomon, Amit Tolani and Charles F. Baer

Mutational effects depend on ploidy level: all else is not equal
by Aleeza Gerstein

Genetic background affects epistatic interactions between two beneficial mutations
by Yinhua Wang, Carolina Díaz Arenas, Daniel M. Stoebel and Tim F. Cooper

Epistasis between mutations is host-dependent for an RNA virus
by Jasna Lalic and Santiago F. Elena

The role of ‘soaking’ in spiteful toxin production in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
by R. Fredrik Inglis, Alex R. Hall and Angus Buckling

Experimental evolution of multicellularity using microbial pseudo-organisms
by David C. Queller and Joan E. Strassmann

Model and test in a fungus of the probability that beneficial mutations survive drift
by Danna R. Gifford, J. Arjan G. M. de Visser and Lindi M. Wahl

Evolution of clonal populations approaching a fitness peak
by Isabel Gordo and Paulo R. A. Campos

Evolutionary rescue of a green alga kept in the dark
by Graham Bell

Competition and the origins of novelty: experimental evolution of niche-width expansion in a virus
by Lisa M. Bono, Catharine L. Gensel, David W. Pfennig and Christina L. Burch

Related Content

Discussion Meeting issue ‘Genetics and the causes of evolution: 150 years of progress since Darwin’ organized and edited by Michael Bonsall and Brian Charlesworth

‘Genomics of Adaptation’ Guest Edited by Professor Jacek Radwan and Dr Wiesław Babik

Evolution articles
Special Feature articles


GAIA /ecologie



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