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(Leesbare ) DATA BASE

Time (Age, Duration, Half-life, Period)

Length (Altitude, Depth, Diameter, Distance, Focal Length, Height, Range, Resolution, Size, Thickness, Wavelength)

Acceleration (Acceleration Due To Gravity)

  1. Acceleration perturbations of daily living
  2. Acceleration of a car
  3. Acceleration of an elevator, cable
  4. Acceleration of an elevator, hydraulic
  5. Acceleration of a roller coaster
  6. Acceleration of a manned rocket*
  7. Acceleration in a training centrifuge
  8. Acceleration of blackout in fighter pilots*
  9. Acceleration that would deploy car airbags
  10. Acceleration that would break human bones
  11. Acceleration that would kill a human
  12. Acceleration in a medical centrifuge
  13. Acceleration of a cannonball
  14. Acceleration of a bullet
  15. Acceleration due to gravity at New York City
  16. Acceleration due to gravity at Quito, Ecuador
  17. Acceleration due to gravity on the moon
  18. Acceleration due to gravity on MarsAngular Velocity (Angular Speed)
  19. Angular speed of the earth
  20. Angular speed of a training centrifuge
  21. Angular speed of a phonograph record*
  22. Angular speed of a floppy disk
  23. Angular speed of a hard drive
  24. Angular speed of a CD
  25. Angular speed of a DVD
  26. Angular speed of a car engine
  27. Angular speed of a truck engine
  28. Angular speed of a jet turbine
  29. Angular speed of a medical centrifuge
  30. Angular speed of a kitchen blenderArea (Surface Area)
  31. Area of Manhattan
  32. Area of Brooklyn
  33. Area of New York City
  34. Area of New York State
  35. Area of the polar ice caps
  36. Area of earth’s land surface
  37. Area of earth’s oceans
  38. Surface area of human skinDensity (Specific Gravity)
  39. Density of the universe
  40. Density of outer space*
  41. Density of the solar wind
  42. Density of the best laboratory vacuum
  43. Density of air*
  44. Density of ice
  45. Density of wood
  46. Density of blood
  47. Density of bone
  48. Density of soap
  49. Density of cooking oil
  50. Density of milk
  51. Density of beer*
  52. Density of sea water
  53. Density of petroleum [crude oil]
  54. Density of concrete*
  55. Density of glass
  56. Density of steel
  57. Density of gold
  58. Density of platinum
  59. Density of plutonium
  60. Density of uranium
  61. Density of osmium
  62. Density of the earth
  63. Density of Saturn
  64. Density of the sun
  65. Density of a white dwarf star
  66. Density of a neutron starDimension (Fractal Dimension)
  67. Fractal dimension of bread
  68. Fractal dimension of broccoli
  69. Fractal dimension of the coast of Maine
  70. Fractal dimension of leaves
  71. Fractal dimension of stock price changesElectric Current
  72. Electric current from a 1.5 V battery
  73. Electric current from a car battery
  74. Electric current through a microwave oven
  75. Electric current through a refrigerator
  76. Electric current through an air conditioner
  77. Electric current through an electric stove
  78. Electric current through a home
  79. Electric current through an arc welder [but not a MIG or TIG welder]
  80. Electric current through a MIG welder
  81. Electric current through a TIG welder
  82. Electric current through an arc furnace [used in metallurgy]
  83. Electric current from an electric eel*
  84. Electric current of a stun gun
  85. Electric current used in electroshock therapy
  86. Electric current needed to kill a human
  87. Electric current through an electric chair*
  88. Electric current through a lightning boltElectric Field
  89. Electric field inside a typical US home
  90. Electric field near a cellular telephone
  91. Electric field on earth
  92. Electric field on the sun
  93. Electric field to produce a spark in air (dielectric breakdown)Electric Potential (Electromotive Force, Potential Difference, Voltage)
  94. Voltage of an alkaline battery
  95. Voltage of a nickel metal hydride battery
  96. Voltage of a nickel cadmium battery
  97. Voltage of a car battery
  98. Voltage of a truck battery
  99. Voltage of household electrical outlets
  100. Voltage of a fluorescent tube
  101. Voltage of a neon light
  102. Voltage of a mercury light
  103. Voltage of a sodium vapor light
  104. Voltage of a television picture tube
  105. Voltage of automobile spark plugs
  106. Voltage of an electric eel
  107. Voltage of an electric fence
  108. Voltage of an electron microscope
  109. Voltage of a nerve cell
  110. Voltage of a stun gun
  111. Voltage of electroshock therapy
  112. Voltage used to resuscitate a human heart
  113. Voltage of an electric chair*
  114. Voltage of power transmission lines
  115. Voltage of a lightning boltElectrical Resistivity (Reciprocal of Electrical Conductivity)
  116. Resistivity of aluminum
  117. Resistivity of aluminum oxide
  118. Resistivity of carbon, amorphous [just plain old carbon]
  119. Resistivity of carbon, diamond
  120. Resistivity of carbon, graphite
  121. Resistivity of copper
  122. Resistivity of glass
  123. Resistivity of germanium
  124. Resistivity of gold
  125. Resistivity of iron
  126. Resistivity of mercury
  127. Resistivity of mica
  128. Resistivity of nichrome
  129. Resistivity of quartz
  130. Resistivity of silicon
  131. Resistivity of silver
  132. Resistivity of steel
  133. Resistivity of tungsten
  134. Resistivity of water, distilled
  135. Resistivity of water, seawaterEnergy (Energy Density)
  136. Energy in ATP
  137. Energy of the most extreme gamma rays
  138. Energy consumption of a human
  139. Energy of a 1.5 V battery
  140. Energy of a car battery
  141. Energy of a truck battery
  142. Energy in a cubic meter of natural gas
  143. Energy in a barrel of petroleum [crude oil]
  144. Energy in a ton of petroleum
  145. Energy in a ton of coal
  146. Energy in a ton of TNT
  147. Energy of a nuclear explosion
  148. Energy consumption of New York City
  149. Energy consumption of China
  150. Energy consumption of the United States
  151. Energy consumption of Africa
  152. Energy consumption of Asia
  153. Energy consumption of Australia
  154. Energy consumption of Europe
  155. Energy consumption of North America
  156. Energy consumption of South America
  157. Energy consumption of the earth
  158. Energy density of hydrogen
  159. Energy density of methane
  160. Energy density of propane
  161. Energy density of butane
  162. Energy density of gasoline
  163. Energy density of kerosene
  164. Energy density of aviation fuel
  165. Energy density of diesel fuel
  166. Energy density of heating oil
  167. Energy density of methanol (wood alcohol)
  168. Energy density of ethanol
  169. Energy density of petroleum
  170. Energy density of natural gas
  171. Energy density of wood
  172. Energy density of coal
  173. Energy density of carbohydrates
  174. Energy density of fats
  175. Energy density of proteinForce (Tension, Thrust, Weight)
  176. Force of a microelectromechanical system [MEMS]
  177. Force on a runner’s foot*
  178. Force of a bat on a baseball
  179. Force of a tennis racket on a tennis ball
  180. Force of a golf club on a golf ball
  181. Tension of power transmission (high tension) lines
  182. Tension in Spider-Man’s webs
  183. Things that weigh a newton
  184. Thrust of a jet engine
  185. Thrust of a space shuttleFriction (Coefficient of Friction)
  186. Coefficients of friction for aluminum
  187. Coefficients of friction for concrete
  188. Coefficients of friction for glass
  189. Coefficients of friction for graphite
  190. Coefficients of friction for granite
  191. Coefficients of friction for human [synovial] joints
  192. Coefficients of friction for human skin
  193. Coefficients of friction for ice
  194. Coefficients of friction for paper
  195. Coefficients of friction for rubber
  196. Coefficients of friction for snow
  197. Coefficients of friction for steel
  198. Coefficients of friction for teflon
  199. Coefficients of friction for wood
  200. Frequency of middle C
  201. Frequency of a beating heart
  202. Frequency of brain waves
  203. Frequency of bee wings
  204. Frequency of fly wings
  205. Frequency of mosquito wings
  206. Frequency of hummingbird wings
  207. Frequency of a cat’s purr
  208. Frequency of dolphin sonar
  209. Frequency of bat sonar
  210. Frequency range of human hearing
  211. Frequency range of dog hearing
  212. Frequency used in ultrasonic cleaning
  213. Frequency used in ultrasonic imaging
  214. Frequency used in navigational sonar
  215. Frequency of ELF transmissions
  216. Frequency of cosmic microwave background
  217. Frequency of a microwave oven
  218. Frequency of a police radar gun
  219. Frequency of the lowest electromagnetic waves
  220. Frequency of the highest electromagnetic waves

Topic Index

The Physics Factbook
Edited by Glenn Elert — Written by his students
An educational, fair use website


* entries marked with an asterisk include editor’s commentary


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